3-2-1 on Product Management, Self-growth & Personal Finance

Welcome to 3-2-1 on Product Management, Self-growth & Personal Finance by me, Nitin R.

This is a personal experiment and more of a ‘Learning Log’, and my aim is to curate, read and summarise 3 articles (log/short form), 2 Audio/Videos ( Podcasts/Channels) and 1 Book recommendation/ summary, on any 1 particular topic, within my circle of interest/ understanding. I should be able to do this on a fortnightly basis, (will aim for weekly). This is my attempt to “really learn” a particular topic, concept and test out if I have gone beyond “knowing” about it, and can sort of do ELI5/ apply Feynman to distill what I know in to a short, concise paragraphs.

A bit about me - I am Product guy by profession with a keen interest in Technology, Startups, sucker for “Pocket-ing” self-help type articles and munching on the endless feed across a spectrum of journals/blogs, social media and posts by thought-leaders.

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